Washing and hygiene

Washing and hygiene

Professional hair care, exactly according to the type of coat and with respect to all the advantages and disadvantages of the coat.

Hygiene of the ears

Only by conducting all the necessary hygiene procedures, you can prevent the development of various ear diseases, otitis, otodectoses, fungal infections, etc. If the hair growing in the auricle of the animal does not periodically remove, then they will stick earwax and other impurities that will contribute development of unwanted bacteria that cause inflammatory process in the ear canal. To remove hair from the ears, we use professional Vivog powder, which dissolves ear hair of any density, anesthetize and allows you to easily solve the problem. After that, we perform hygienic cleaning of the auricle, using veterinary antibacterial agents.
The final procedure for cleaning the ears is the treatment of the auricle with a soothing balm.
Every professional should give a significant place to cleaning the auricle. This procedure we do with each haircut. This not only creates an aesthetic appearance, but also contributes to the health and calmness of the animal.

Purification of anal glands

Anal glands (bags) are located on the sides and just below the anus. Inside the pouches, a specific liquid is constantly accumulating, which is a kind of individual marker. During defecation, the glands are squeezed by calves – the substance pours out. That is, most dogs are cleaned themselves, and the owners sometimes do not even suspect the presence of some kind of glands. If the secreted substance remains for a long time inside the gland, the pet begins to experience discomfort in a known place. This place the dog rides on the floor and rubs against the napped surfaces, trying to squeeze out the accumulated badly smelling liquid.

If nothing works, the pet begins to bite under the tail, gnaw out the wool, sometimes suddenly jumps and turns to the tail, trying to see or catch the teeth of an unknown enemy. In this case, you need to clean the dog parainal glands.

In this case, you need to clean the dog parainal glands.

This procedure in our salon is conducted by groomers with a veterinary education and extensive work experience. Do not trust this delicate process for amateurs and self-taught, because improper cleaning of paranal glands can lead to severe inflammation in this area and sometimes even leads to prompt intervention.