Stříhání psů

Cutting dogs

Pet grooming removes loose hair and irritants, and distributes skin oils throughout your pet’s coat. Grooming gives you the chance to observe any changes to your dog’s body and spot any possible health concerns, including lumps, bumps or the presence of fleas or ticks. It also provides your pet with regular sessions in which to have a pleasurable experience at the hands of humans. With repeated gentle handling, this will help those pets to overcome trust issues that they might have.

We have selected the best natural products to bring out the beauty of your dog’s coat and use the finest tools of the trade to maintain that quality. We take our time to make your dog’s groom as stress free as possible. We specialize in rehabiliating dogs that may have had stressful experiences during professional grooming at other salons and offer behaviour modifications services to help your dog become more relaxed and tolerant of the grooming process.

Call ahead to book an appointment time for your dog. Day, evening and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience.

Regular grooming stimulates the skin and improves vitality. It keeps your dog’s fur free of dirt, tangles and allows skin to breathe. Grooming is essential to your dog’s health and well being!

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