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Hello, dear pet owners, who prefer to see their Pets healthy and happy! Our website welcomes You and provides a wide range of services for Your Pets.

Grooming in its entirety (from the most simple hygienic haircuts to exclusive-creative hairstyles), the preparation of animals for show, and beauty salon treatment (mask and grooming, clipping nails, cleaning ears and eye treatment, piercing, tattoo, bistrigna pattern on wool and its colour);

In our practice we use tools and cosmetics of world’s leading brands, such as Moser, PetLine, Chris Christensen, Jean Peau, Winner’s Circle, etc. only Work with trusted brands to care for the animals.
Professionalism and accessibility – the main motto of our business. Despite the high quality of services, our prices are available to absolutely every person! And this detail is a feature of our service.
All our clients receive the maximum amount of attention regardless of whether it is an ordinary correction of the hair on the ears or difficult hours haircut to styling. Among our clients are endless: they are dogs of all breeds and non-pedigreed Pets; cats, rabbits, sheep, horses.
In the Gallery are photos of the works of our groomer and vet Salogub Anzhela, and also the other masters of this field. All shown hairstyles and any other can be repeated at the request of the the client.
We speak czech, russian, english, italian, ukrainian.
You can find us at: Radlická 571/70, Praha 5


Areas of business activity PGC

Salon for animals

Cutting and creative editing of dogs and cats.

Chovná stanice Naked Angel

Breeding station Naked Angel

We are keeping cat the breed of Donskoy Sphynx

Dog Hotel

Hotel for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and other pets.

Salon services for dogs and cats


Cutting dogs

Your pet is in good hands with us! Let your favorite get the best care in our center.

Cutting cats

Our team of pet hair stylists is happy to make your animal look pretty and happy.


Trimming is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog, either by using a stripping knife or the fingers.

Washing and hygiene

Professional hair care, exactly according to the type of coat and with respect to all the advantages and disadvantages of the coat.

Creative work

Creative work with dogs and cats. Coat color, pattern trimming, trimming tattoos, natural tattoos and many other things.

Photo shoot with animals

Professional photography of animals and, of course, a photo shoot with animals.


Animal psychologist
Animal psychologist

Working with animals is challenging, but when you get along with them it’s a piece of...

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ONLINE reservation started!
ONLINE reservation started!

We have prepared an opportunity for you to book our services ONLINE. Quickly, easily, anytime...

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We work every day
We work every day

We meet your requirements and expand our working hours. We work every day Monday – Sunday...

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