Breeding station Naked Angel

Chovná stanice Naked Angel

Cat Sphynx breeding station

We are the representatives of the Czech cat breeding station named Naked Angel. We devoted all our life to animal breeding, treatment and maintenance. Besides this, we are the owners of cat and dog grooming salon in Prague where the animal can receive necessary treatment, attention and cure. As we work round the clockб we have time to take care of each client. We also maintain a cosy and comfortable animal hotel which works 24/7.

We started breeding Donskoy cats in our home country, already back then we fell in love with this breed and worked carefully to consolidate its best qualities. In the Czech Republic we are relatively recently, but nevertheless we took leading position in this sphere, thanks to the beauty and health of our cats.

We have beautiful cats brought from abroad from the best representatives of the breed; award winning cats, which give unique offspring, which you will be proud to present at the breed shows. We are always look for international contacts, selecting the best bloods and having kinship ties under control. Our little ones are always naked with no hair, we make sure that our cats’ offspring is always good quality and according to all the standards.

As compared to other breeding stations our prices are quite affordable. We do not have aim to make money on selling the animals. It is more important for us to make sure that the kitten is given to a good family, where it islonged-for and loved. Nevertheless, it is good to remember that the health of the cat depends not only on its genetics, but also on the quality of the food and care. We never save money on that. Timely vaccination, preventive dehelmintization, regular test performance on parent cats, and the kittens if necessary – these are all costly treatments. That is why it is obvious that our kittens cannot be very cheap. If you buy a kitten from us you can be sure that you will not become a regular visitor of veterinary clinics. Healthy genetics and diligent care is the key success factor of the Naked Angel breeding station.
Handing over a kitten to a new owner, we stay in contact with him, if necessary we give advice on any question regarding maintenance of the animal. For our clients we are available 24/7.

Our little ones leave the breeding station fully prepared for living in a new family, they are absolutely healthy, trained to use the litter box, socialised and have full package of documents.

We will respond to any of your questions via phone or online.

We wish everyone to have as loving, reliable and faithful friends as Sphynx cats!

With respect, the Naked Angel breeding station team.

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