Salon for animals

Cutting and creative editing of dogs and cats.

Each member of our team speaks Russian, Czech and English fluently so that our clients can always feel comfortable with us.

Our salon services include:

1) Dog and cat haircut of any complexity, depending on the breed or the desire and the choice of the owner. We do not like clichés and treat each animal creatively, taking into account its peculiarities.
2) Trimming of all breeds that require it.
3) Bathing and hygiene. Professional care with shampoo and conditioners depending on the fur type, taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the hair.
4) The undercoat comb-out, disentanglement of tangled and matted hair.
5) Clearing of anal glands is done only by a groomer with veterinary education.
6) Trimming of nails, removal of unwanted ear hair, cleaning ears with disinfecting and soothing solution.
7) Creative work with dogs and cats. Dying of a coat, cutting patterns on a coat, tattoo trimming, natural tattoo, piercing and many more. We use only natural materials for work.
8) Deworming and tick removal.
9) Professional preparation for the exhibition.
10) Selling fashionable clothes and accessories for pets, natural cosmetics for animals, anti-parasitic medicine and many more.

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